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dear quincy,

last night i had a dream that we discussed you turning 20.
you said that it was going to suck and i wanted you to be less pessimistic so i told you that it was a lot of fun.
we smoked an entire package of DuMaurier Extra Lights King-Size between us and then felt sick and you gave your customary, "these seriously taste like chinese food sometimes" speech which i never tire of hearing.
i asked you what you wanted for your birthday and you said "nothing." and explained to me that birthday's are just another stupid ritual that people go through to make themselves feel better except that it never really works because everyone forgets that it's your birthday and doesn't buy you anything or call and then you get angry because they forgot and now your friendship is ruined...all because you managed to be out of your mother's womb for another fucking year.

well said.

i still, of course, gave you my speech on why i enjoy celebrating birthday parties and you thought it was very sweet of me to say so but you still didn't want me to get you anything.

i bought you flowers anyway.

you don't have to thank me, really. i know you love them.

you can repay me by getting me something awesome on my birthday.

oh, you can't? oh right...i forgot. that's ok.

well...maybe some other time then.

great dream though, huh?! and good timing.

yeah, dreams are pretty interesting.

HA! no...i'm not sure what that one means. maybe i'll have to look into it.

what do you mean stop embarassing you!!! you?!?!?! embarassed?!?!?! you MUST be joking.

ha!!! ME shut up?!?!??! i'm not even doing anything!!!!!

well that was just mean.

apology accepted.

i love you too.

listen to an angry rant? why of course i will.

what? totally lied. 20 actually sucks balls. and there's no one around to encourage me to skip school anymore. everyone seems to be really gung ho about it. i know that if i ever told YOU i just wanted to sleep in and hang out all day you'd be all for it. haha. i'm sure i'd feel very loved but i'd probably fail all of my classes.

oh!! i should only skip a FEW classes. the LESS IMPORTANT ones. haha. got'cha.

well...i should go. know as well as i do that i don't really want to.

i would love to stay but you know...there's that whole living vs. not living barrier thing. the powers that be like it when i stick close to the material plane.

oh shut up....i'm not a dork. well...i'm not a TOTAL dork....there are dorkier people than me.

what?!?!?!?! YOU'RE A DORK!!!!


good thing i'm tougher than you or that might've hurt.


oh yeah...laugh it're sooooooooooooooo funny.

ha. ha!

seriously....i have to go.

don't give me that look. you know i'd rather not.

well....maybe i'll come back tomorrow.


i guess i'll.....see you.

i love you too.

i love you.

happy birthday.

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