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I Probably Hate You

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your own personal jesus [Apr. 22nd, 2005|10:05 pm]
I Probably Hate You


[mood |sarcastic and a little sad...]
[music |nothing]

dear quincy,

so i'm sitting in my living room watching blade fucking trinity and trying not to be an asshole and point out all of the plot inconsistancies and retarded things ryan reynolds is going to say but hasn't yet and suddenly i'm thinking about you and all those fucking times you made me watch blade fucking two.

then i remember that i cried the first time i saw the matrix fucking revolutions because they have that sex scene and trinity holds neo and says she's there for him and it's all very romantic and fucking melodramatic and all i could really think about was missing you, you asshole, because the seat next to mine was very purposefully and noticably left empty so that i could clutch the arm and have a heated discussion with you in my head that mostly just consisted of me saying, "hey, stop that." and you looking confused and saying, "ok." like most of our "heated discussions."

also, you would've liked sin city even though you don't like hookers. i think that you would have watched the trailer a lot, and made me see it in the theatres more than once, but that's ok, cause i know you would've picked up the bill.


p.s. i don't care if you have superpowers. stop laughing at me because i like to watch Xena: The Warrior Princess.